Precision drivers

3-2-1 GO! The LED wall opens - only 10 seconds until the vehicle is expected on a turntable on the stage. Starting, braking and standing still by the second. Turn on the lights - low beam! -, be ready to start and wait for the next command. Drive to the position through the gap in the wall. Turn the vehicle behind the scenes and return it to the starting point. From here, the vehicle will reach the turntable through a narrow tunnel. Out of the corners of his or her eye, the driver needs to watch a second vehicle that is to stop on a parallel second turntable. The challenge here is not only arriving, but also coming to a standstill at exactly the same time.

Precision driving in tiny spaces

A lot of sensitivity is required to implement the desired show elements and choreographies. Such shows require precision rather than full throttle. Calm and confident control of the vehicle on defined, usually very narrow courses. Focusing on the details required by the automobile company, director or camera operator.

Trained drivers

Our precision drivers have undergone special training and are very experienced. For example, they are able to responsibly follow the rehearsed choreographies even under time pressure without taking unnecessary risks. Our drivers have the required special licence for pre-series vehicles. It goes without saying that we will also stage your show with especially trained bikers!

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