Professional vehicle treatment

Our professional vehicle treatment comprises thorough cleaning of the exterior, special treatment of the finish by polishing, intensive interior cleaning and expert care for any leather elements.

Wear and tear of vehicles on display

Tests carried out at automobile shows and events with high attendance have revealed something astonishing: When visitors test the seats during the two weeks of the show, the strain on the seat will be same as after 15 years of regular driving! In addition to this special strain on the seats, potential buyers also leave traces of dirt on the instrument panel, the controls and the screens of the vehicles on display. Metal eyelets and zippers in the visitors’ clothing can cause small damages to the finish or the seats.

Treatment of your vehicles on display

So as to ensure that you will be able to present your vehicles in mint condition both inside and out during the entire duration of the show, we from PROvents have a number of professional services in store.

Cleaning of the vehicle

Before the show starts, we will remove the worst dirt from your vehicle by gentle washing by hand. By using special care products and suitable tools, rust films, insect residues, braking dust and other contaminations are removed gently and without a trace.

Polishing the car lacquer finish

We will make the finish of your vehicles on display shine by using special polishing tools and agents especially selected in accordance with the sensitivity of the surface. Masking the elements not suitable for polishing will prevent damages. Our experienced team works with outstanding precision and delivers perfect results which are continuously monitored with our mobile row of lighting. This way, your vehicle will look its best also under show lighting or spot lights.

Care for leather seats

So as to counteract the excessive wear on driver’s seats caused by potential buyers, we also offer professional care of all the leather elements in your vehicles on display. Since leather is a natural product, it reacts to sunshine, humidity or abrasion through mechanical influences. Even the best leather becomes brittle, fades or turns rough with time. Residual dyes from clothing may adhere to the leather, and studs in jeans or objects placed on the seat may cause small scratches and tears. To counteract such damages, it is therefore important to clean the leather depending on the degree of contamination and to condition it on a regular basis. During an automobile show, we document the wear and tear of the leather with a camera and intervene as soon as it is necessary. By removing dye residues and rubbing in a special conditioner, we succeed in presenting the seats to your customers “as new” on the next day of the show despite the pronounced wear and tear.

Professional cleaning of the interior

It goes without saying that we offer not only leather care, but a complete cleaning programme for the interior of your vehicles on display. For the duration of the show, we will look after your vehicle and remove dirt and dust from the cockpit, footwell, upholstery and carpets, panels, shelves, the roof lining and screens with suitable care products.

Fast repair of small damages to the finish

For the repair of small damages to the finish such as scratches or smears, we work with professional regional Smart Repair garages. Together with these partners, we succeed in completing small repairs within a short time and even over night. Thus your vehicles will be presented in flawless condition to the visitors of the show for the duration.

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