Charger units

In modern vehicles, the topics automobile battery and charging units have become increasingly important. At any rate, power consumption is on the rise as more and more electronic elements are installed in vehicles. In addition, there are heating for seats, windscreens and steering wheels, massage functions in seats, head-up displays, navigation systems, electric seat adjustments and many more. This means that the original battery quickly reaches its limits.

Battery empty as a result of overlong parking

Many of you have experienced this: You have parked your car at the airport during your holiday. After your return, it won’t start because the battery is flat. One of the reasons is that your car was “woken up” time and again when neighbouring vehicles were opened or closed by radio key. Your car was in permanent standby during your absence which was a strain on the battery without anyone noticing. The result is that your car won’t start after your return, even though you have not used it.

Strain on the battery during shows and exhibitions

There is considerable strain on vehicle batteries also during automobile shows and exhibitions. The numerous visitors to the show may wish to try out as many functions of the vehicle on display as possible. Since the car is usually not driven during this time, the battery empties slowly, but cannot feed in power through the alternator. If the necessary power supply is not provided by a charger unit, it would soon become impossible to show the automatic tailgate opener, for example.

Power supply to the vehicles

Be it for you personally or as an exhibitor of cars: We from PROvents have the charger unit suitable for your car ready! We will gladly show you how a such a device can be installed in your car or do the installation for you if you wish.

Consultation, renting out and installation at motor shows and privately

Since consumption performance differs depending on the type of vehicle and the load, we have top-quality chargers with charging voltages of 10, 25, 40, 70, and 100 ampere available for rent. From our comprehensive range of over 200 devices, we will gladly provide the one most suitable to you, selected to fit your vehicle and the intended use. In most cases, a charger can be installed with minimum visibility – all you can see from the outside is a plug.

Service at automotive fairs and shows

On the occasion of automotive fairs and shows, our trained team will install suitable chargers. If you wish, we will look after the vehicles exhibited and make sure they have the necessary power supply.
Vehicles used for active driving can be wired before the show starts so as to ensure that they can be connected to an external power source quickly and that both the show and the exhibition run smoothly.

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