For some models, press events for vehicle launches are preferably held off road or on race courses. The dynamics of a high-performance vehicle can be demonstrated especially clearly here.

Course scouting and briefing

If you also plan such a presentation for your vehicles, we will gladly scout for idyllic, diverse and varied locations. Our team briefs the participants of the event on the vehicles. We will assist in programming the navigation system or adjusting the electronic chassis. We will also bring our competence and know-how regarding recharging electric vehicles to your event.

Looking after test routes

If you wish, we will also arrange for stops where your guests can take a break. This may also include catering which we will organise for your event. For test runs, we will also prepare a course defined by rubber cones. We will also be happy to send experienced drivers for the pace car in the first round of the race course.

We are looking forward
to hearing from you!