Vehicle handling

In the vehicle handling segment, we will take care of punctual delivery of the vehicles and the necessary equipment in the run-up to the trade fair/the event so as to ensure that there is enough time to get “into the flow”. As soon as the vehicles arrive, our proven team will take receipt and check them for possible damages immediately. This way, we can act directly in case of defects to ensure a smooth process. Step by step, various parameters of the vehicles such as the petrol status, battery charge, key handling, check-up cards etc. will be recorded. Then our cleaning team will treat the vehicle for the first time (initial treatment). In case of bad scratches, holograms, shadows or runs in the finish or smears in the polish, our international experts on vehicle treatment will get to work. Thus the vehicles will have been prepared optimally and flawlessly in time for the start of the show/event.

Positioning of the vehicle and driving experience

We will position your vehicles on the exact spot at automobile shows and will look after them 24 hours a day with our specialised and well-coordinated team. In case of active driving events, we provide trained and experienced drivers who are well aware what confidentiality means. The more complex the driving activity, the more agile we become. The client’s wish for a diverse and impressive driving experience is our first priority. In addition, another part of the team will take care of the driving environment with mobile filling stations and an active infrastructure of charging units.

Qualified PROvents service

It goes without saying that our focus is also on all relevant details such as the best possible appearance, compliance with CI guidelines, technical checks of the vehicles, removal of small parts, continuous logging of damages, repairs and return, GPS check and replacements if a vehicle should fail. Let yourself be convinced of our qualified service!

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